Our Services


Nationwide service

Temple Costs Lawyers operate a compressive costs service for all of England and Wales but in particularly for London and Surrey plus other home counties to include acting on an agency basis for Detailed Assessments and other court proceedings.

Costs management and budgeting

Temple Costs Lawyers manage a personal service to ensure all costs estimates and budgets are prepared promptly and accurately to match the needs of clients in full compliance with the CPR.

All estimates and budgets are closely monitored as cases progress and timely advice given on updating estimates and budgets as required.

Costs Consultancy

Temple Costs Lawyers are proactive in ensuring all client care requirements are in place and tailored retainers are prepared to meet the needs of both the solicitor and their lay clients.

Temple Costs Lawyers are available to review and advise on work in progress, prepare solicitor and client bills and advise on future costs.

Temple Costs Lawyers are able to advise and if so instructed negotiate with other interested parties to resolve disagreements and disputes regarding charging issues.

Detailed costs assessment service

Temple Costs Lawyers have a wide range of experience in acting for both paying and receiving parties across the full spectrum of Courts and Tribunals.

Temple Costs Lawyers prepare both Schedules for negotiations and Bills of Costs for Detailed Assessment.

Whether acting for the paying or receiving party Temple Costs Lawyers advise on payments on account and Part 36 costs offers.

Nationwide service appearing on all costs related hearings.

All hearings are conducted by a fully qualified Costs Lawyer who has the required Rights of Audience.

Fees for hearings can be agreed on an hourly rate basis, for a fixed fee or for a capped fee basis.

Preparing opinions and advising on Part 36 costs offers

Whether acting for the paying or receiving party Temple Costs Lawyers advise on payments on account and Part 36 costs offers.

Areas of expertise include: • Detailed Assessments and recoverable costs generally • Drafting appropriate wording for Court applications, directions and orders. • Fees for counsel and experts. • Solicitor and Client matters. • Rules, Practice Directions, Case Law and authorities. • Solicitors Act assessments.

Security for Costs applications

Temple Costs Lawyers prepare Security for Costs applications, breakdowns of costs, correspond and negotiate directly with all interested parties plus attend hearings as required.

Solicitors Act assessments

As costs experts Temple Costs Lawyers deal with all aspects of Solicitors Act assessments.

As individuals each Costs Lawyer are entitled to be named on the Court record and conduct costs litigation on behalf of Litigants in Person.

Temple Costs Lawyers prides itself in always attempting to avoid litigation which can be both expensive and stressful and will work to negotiate a solution to disagreements without protracted proceedings. Where however settlement is not achieved Temple Costs Lawyers ensure that their client's best interests are fully protected up to and including a full hearing if the same is required.

Temple Costs Lawyers conduct costs litigation including acting directly for Litigant in Persons.

Court of Protection work

Temple Costs Lawyers deal with all aspects of Court of Protection work including preparing both Short Form and full Bills of Costs for Detailed Assessment.

As part of the complete service Temple Costs Lawyers advise on interim billing, advising on provisional assessments, attending any required assessment hearing and applying for certificates for costs assessed.

Accredited training for in-house seminars on all aspects of costs

Temple Costs Lawyers can provide an accredited trainer for in-house seminars on all aspects of costs tailored to meet the particular needs of solicitors to match their practice areas.

Individually tailored legal updates and new case law updates are sent to all clients.